Chatuu Reports His Life Is In Danger After Dating Caroline Kadogo! πŸ’”πŸ˜­πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

Have you date this most feared lady named Caroline Kangogo?

It’s reported that she is a killer police officer who has been trending follow assassination of his current and former boyfriends.

Caroline Kangogo has is said to be in Kenyan police service but as well she has been a sex worker.

She has killed already two of his former known boyfriends before she has disappeared into the mist.

Chatuu-East Africa Music Promoter who is currently missing from public has been reported to have date the killer woman back in the days.

In a recently communication, Chatuu had revealed that he fears his life could be in danger!

“I’m in shock and confused, my life is in danger. I had a relationship with a beautiful lady called Caroline somebody Kadogo but I’m not sure whether she was the trending killer woman” Chatuu told MITEGO SASA blogs.

Not revealing the reasons behind his life to be in danger, it came up the news about the killer police woman, Corporal Caroline Kangogo who has taken unknown revenge against her old boyfriends.

Caroline Kangogo is a 34 years old woman who comes from Elgeiyo Markwet in Kenya.

The rumors has it that the killer woman is targeting other four of her old and current boyfriends.

What do you think?

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