Michael Jackson New Music And Albums, Confirms His Former Bodyguard Matt!πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ🏼

You can’t believe it, the world late Pop Music Superstar is still ‘alive’.

Could Michael Jackson aka MJ still be alive after many year since he was buried?

The superstar has had many allegations against child molestation during his life which ended up tarnishing his good reputation.

His former bodyguard, Matt Fiddes has recently revealed untold truth about his late boss MJ.

Concerning the issue of child abuse and molestation, Matt made it clear that MJ had no Secret Child Room rather than Panic Room where he could get and district or entertain himself until some bad things were resolved.

Many different parents had taken the superstar to court to get him charged against child molestation but they only got ashamed severally after court finds MJ not guilty of any action against child molestation and abuse. He say, They were more of money than the child molestation charges they sued MJ for.

“The world has changed and people will look for more from anywhere. The parents were more desperate about money than the allegations of child molestation”.

He said that MJ had his own way of dealing with such kind of claims where by his altitude was based on ‘ignorance’. He could tell us to just ignore it and don’t talk about it’. Though, he could be alive to defend himself today against the allegations again but unfortunately he is no more. I just had to come forward to straighten the rumours of child molestation allegations for him.

Interestingly, after MJ died on 2009, his music fans could still be lucky to enjoy his new music that was unreleased before. Matt said that there are unreleased songs for MJ to be released pretty soon and even new music albums for late MJ.

When was your last time to listen Michael Jackson’s Music and are you ready for his new music?πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯

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