Harmonize Cries For Sarah And Here Is Her Response!

What do you expect!

After a long period of dry spell, Sarah has forgiven her lover and accepted his apologies.

Harmonize parted ways with his Italian Girlfriend, Sarah after allegations that Konde Boy aka Harmonize wasn’t faithful in their relationship. Sarah left Harmonize in Tanzania and fled back to her home country, Italy.

Recently, Harmonize has apologized to Sarah as he was performing in visual concert, the bongo fleva musician was heard sing some emotional lyrics in his new song that was a special dedication for her Italian Girlfriend Sarah.

After some days, Sarah has come up to reply to the Konde Boy’s apology and wrote this on her Instagram account.

“It’s Important To Apologize After A Big Mistake” wrote Sarah.

What do you think?

Written by Antony Makenzi

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