A Migori County Young Talent Tearful Exclusive Details Emerge! πŸ˜­πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

Many upcoming artists can’t manage to count the number of challenges they face in this stuff Music Industry!

Some have began the music journey but failed on the way before they called see a fruit of their hard work pursuing music as a career.

MITEGO SASA blogs has had talks with different artists in Kenya, and many have expressed their disappointments as far as music is concerned.

In brief, young upcoming artists have a greater challenges. They lack enough capital to start the journey in music industry, others lack a creative management in the industry to lead them through.

Speaking to Chatuu Wetuu, Swagga D a gospel ragga musician stated his major challenges in his music career is lack of fund to cater for his studio recording sessions and video production.

“Pesa ya kwenda studio ni shida na pia kupata pesa kulea familia na kufanya muziki imekuwa changamoto sana Sina hata management najituma pekea yangu. Nimekuliwa pesa sana in this industry but I will never give up” said Swagga D in Swahili language.

He is a young talent musician with super dope voice and efforts to make it in the music industry.

This Migori young talent has so far managed to collaborated with Prince Jawabu, Chris Bizo, Triple S, Steve Mangana among other upraising musicians.

Swagga D is as well a father of one kid – Dama. Having lost his mother like Seven years ago, Swagga D now is only left with his Polygamous Father who resides in a small village called God Jope in Migori County.

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