The Ohangla Rhumba Like Artist Reveals His Woes! πŸ˜©πŸ˜­πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

The cool Ohangla Music like a Rhumba has got a new wave in the streets.

JP Ondisi is an urban Ohangla musician in Kenya whose music style has brought a new dawn of change in the industry.

Have you listened to his music?

The young upraising musician has done several music albums despite the challenges he faces in the work flow of his music career.

Speaking to Chatuu East Africa Music Promoter, JP Ondisi made it clear that he faces financial challenges that has limited him in doing super dope music videos and quality audios since most producers and video directors have high production rates.

“I really meet challenges in my music journey like I need to go to studio and I don’t have money and also need to brand myself and I can’t manage all that due to lack of finance. Good videos and audios need alot of money which I can’t afford now” he said.

He got some great music albums among them is; ‘Wadhi Mana Mos, Fwata Nyota Yako’ which are in Luo language.

JP Ondisi managed to collaborated with some amazing artists like, Koffi Mac, Adory Roy, Captain Pamela, Cross Wuod Nyamwalo among others.

Being an upcoming artist, this Ohangla musician got himself nominated in various awards in Kenya. He was nominated as a ‘New Talent’ in Africa Awards, Machakos Awards among others.

He has worked with Deno Nguasi and Bizi B as producers of his music.

Find his sweet and cool Ohangla like Rhumba music on YouTube.

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