“Stop Wearing Fake Chains Young Boys!” Diamond Platnumz Urges πŸ’Žβ›“οΈ

Here is a well said piece of advice from Diamond Platnumz to young men.

Jeje song hitmaker Simba aka Diamond Platnumz urged young boys to stop wearing fake chains or jewelry since they can cause cancer on their bodies.

Platnumz Makes his sentiments on his Instagram account after posting his super expensive silver jewellery on his neck that resembles a lion and it’s cub on one or on the back it’s his shirtless portrait.

“Stop wearing fake chains young boy, kuna cancer” Diamond Platnumz Urges young men.

Diamond Platnumz made it that it coated him more than Ksh 52.4 million shillings or Tshs 111 million. It’s a pure Diamond and Golden Jewelry.

Here is a link to his Instagram account where he posted his medallion silver jewellery written ‘SIMBA’.

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Written by Antony Makenzi

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