Photos; Bahati’s Baby Mama Shares Photos Of Her ‘New Baby’! πŸ™†πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€£

“God’s Grace Has Been Sufficient.” Reads the caption in one of Bahati’s baby mama.

Yvette Obura has really come from far and indeed it’s God’s mercies that has led her to her new life she currently living.

After years of old life and struggling, Ms Obura who is a mother to Bahati’s child, Mueni has shared some amazing good news on her Instagram page.

The mother of one posted her new ride car that we don’t really tell whether she bought it herself or she got the car as gift.

But the fact that she is now full of joy and happiness, Mama Mueni has had a tough life since she met Bahati long time ago and she gave birth to her daughter, Mueni who she has gone through depression and hard time in parenting since Bahati went ahead and remarried again.

From a boarding matatu to her new ride car is a quick an achievement to her now she can smile.

Here are some photos she shared on her pages parading her new car and captioned it;

“God’s Grace Has Been Sufficient”


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