Photos: Diamond Platnumz Shares Photos Of His New Buses In Town! πŸ”ŠπŸŒΎπŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ώ

Mama Dangote who’s
Diamond Platnumz’s mum went on social media to show off her son’s new venture in the transport business.

The happy mother of two shared photos of coaches branded with her son’s name, with the colour orange dominating both the exterior and interior part of the buses.

The new coaches in town are said to be operating in some of the mentioned routes as shared by Mama Dangote. She shared details including which cities they will be available in and their current offices.

Diamond Platnumz could be one of the richest artistes in Africa but has not paused the investment button just yet.

The buses are already branded with Diamond Platnumz name and pictures on top of the windows.

The bongo fleva superstar has got shares in media, real estate, music and fashion and now is on transport business.

This is evident by the photos shared by his mother, Mama Dangote via her Instagram page advertising her beloved sons new business, she shared several the photos of the coaches.

The buses are majorly branded with orange color both interior and exterior with ‘Platnumz’ on front Wind screen and on sides of the buses.

Simba’s photos of his poses and physique are show from front to back on top windows of the buses.

Dodoma, Musoma, Mwanza are some of the cities the buses with be operating according to Mama Dangote.

Mama Dangote urged Tanzanians to travel with them while giving details on where their offices are located.

Diamond Platnumz has not yet spoken a word about the new business investment, but if you know Diamond , then you know he usually lets his people do the talking for him.

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