Mejja Exposed In The ‘Wash Wash’ Money Business! πŸ™†πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’΅πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

Major Nameye Khadija alias Mejja has come out to expose Kiss Fm presenter and comedian Jalang’o after being requested to join the Wash Wash money team.

Mejja has set the record straight on being recruited into wash wash business by Kiss FM presenter Jalang’o.

Blogger Edgar Obare had recently exposed Jalang’o among other celebrities for engaging in the illegal wash wash business – money printing and fake gold scams.

According to Obare the wash wash cartel works in cahoots with celebrities to launder their illegally obtain money.

Obare’s informants made it clear that these cartel of money laundering would open high-end salons, petrol stations, nightclubs, liquor stores etc. for celebrities and then use those businesses to hide the origins of their money.

They would fool the government and financial institutions by investing those fake money on their big business mentioned above and they would then deposit the it in the banks as ‘profit’ hiding the truth on the true origin of those monies.

However, Jalang’o denied being involved in the wash wash business, so did many other celebs mentioned by Obare.

Mejja left many Netizens in shock after revealing on his Twitter account how Jalang’o tried to recruit him into the wash wash business.

Later Mejja come out to disown the account saying that he doesn’t have any Twitter account and that would be a parody account.

β€œSiko Twitter Hii Ni FAKE ACCOUNT Wadau Itabidi NiFungue Juu Ya Hii Ufala!!!! Shukran Kwa Wale Wasee Wame Ni DM NiJue,” wrote Mejja on Instagram.

The parody twitter account under Mejja’s name was claiming that Jalang’o tried to recruit him to into wash wash business but he refused to join such illegal business.

β€œMimi nilikataa kuingia Wash Wash. Kuibia Wakenya nayo siwezi. Avoid those people. He tried to convince me lakini wapi together we’re gonna end corruption,” the account tweeted.

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