Tanzanian Christina Shusho Does This To Kikuyus’ In Kenya! πŸ˜»πŸ˜³πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ώ

Christina Shusho confirms that music has now boundaries.

This Tanzanian gospel songstress has managed to released a super dope Kikuyu song dubbed ‘Tuine Ruimbo’ featuring Sammy Irungu .

Despite the fact that Kikuyu isn’t her mother tongue, Shusho changes tongues effectively and flawlessly as she delivers her verse in meticulous fluent Kikuyu. Confessing that it wasn’t easy, Christina had this to say, β€œNdugu zangu Wakenya, Jirani zetu, ilikuwa ni furaha kubwa na heshima kushikriki kwenye wimbo huu. Ilikuwa ni kazi ngumu sana kuimba kwa Kikuyu lakini Team zote mbili zilifanya jitihada kuhakikisha zoezi limefanikiwa,” she said.

She is popular and celebrated gospel singer, among her songs is ‘Thamani ya Wokovu, Napenda and Nipe Macho, among many others, this was a change of scene, and it goes to show how versatile she can be.

Kenyans could not hold themselves as they cherished on the singer.

Instagram fan, maggy_kui1, commented saying, β€œThe song is just perfect hongera madam shusho yani u mean ata kikuyu you can speak.I can’t get enough of the new song of the week.”

Her comments were echoed by Gitau Godfrey who said, β€œ@christinashusho uko sure wewe sio Christina Shir? from M?rang’a, Central Kenya? Your Kikuyu is so on point, even the accent. Great song! @sammyirungu_official kazi safi sana.”

Another fan, mrphatmusiq, commented, β€œLol I don’t think I can sing Kikuyu that much well and am Kenyan…great work.”

She collaborated with a Kikuyu singer Sammy Irungu.

Despite her being a successful gospel singer, Shusho started her career as a church janitor and she has also tried her hands in professional modelling. She tried herself as a model and is also a creator, and owned her own modeling agency. ?

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