Poet Trevor Jey Releases A Hard Hitting Societal Album .

Kenyan poet and rapper Trevor Jey has released his latest album tittled Trevolution, the album consists of fourteen tracks that highlight the current plight of the Kenyan society from a young person perspective.

Trevolution follows Trevor Jey as he narrates real life situations that resonate with each Kenyan which include the ever growing high costs of living which have been seen inthe recent years , rise of the ever growing cases of police brutality , High rates of educated youths but with no employments among other struggles and by encouraging the ambitious Kenyans with a message of hope to look for brighter days to come which he relays inthe fourteen songs .

The Albums lead songs are Justice Ni Nini is an open question poetic piece that see Jey Trevor enquiring If the modern society knows about Justice and Injustices , while the second song ‘Music is my Hope ‘ is about the poet love for music and how it keeps him going even his darkest days .

The album debuted on his YouTube page with the media tour beginning this coming weekend .

Watch Trevolution here ;

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