Kenyan Afro Pop Artist Shaniah Bito Drops A Romantic Song.

Kenyan songstress Shaniah Bito has released her second & latest love song tittled ‘Polepole’ which translates to ‘Slowly’ in the Swahili dialect.

The song marks her second release after dropping her debut track tittled ‘Mkata’ in 2019 .Her love for music dates from childhood where she first discovered her love for music and utilised it by performing in church and recital of poems in primary schools However Shaniah Bito’s love for music was fueled more after she lost mother and its this sad event that re shaped her music career.

Pole Pole follows the songstress as she opposes the notion that most people have lost love due to what they have over heard without even experiencing love & Relationships. She advices her audience to instead focus on building an d strengthening thier love life and give a deaf ear to hearsy that is based on rumours.

Pole Pole has debuted on Shaniahs Bito YouTube channel
Watch Pole Pole here ;


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