Stanley Komoras Roots For Peace In His Latest Patriotic Song.

Kenyan Singer &Song writer Stanley Komoras has debuted his latest Swahili patriotic song titled ‘ Amani ‘ which translates to Peace aimed at preaching peace ahead of the coming general elections in 2022.

Stanley Komoras who hails from Tana River Country started singing in Sunday school, and in high school, he was promoted to be the choirmaster in the Christian union, his passion for music since then has blossomed as he has been able to perform in both local and international hospitality events.

Stanley’s music style comprises of vintage Soul music infused with the new contemporary music and his latest song
Amani follows the Tourism entrepreneur who is also a father of two as he preaches peace, emphasizing on its importance and why we should always hold peace in high regard during and after elections for no person is greater than Kenya.

The song is his latest addition to his 20 plus song collection which includes of spiritual educative & message themed songs, with the latest one being Jambo Jambo Kenya & Corona Hunaishinda which is performed in the historical Pokomo language where Kenya’s national anthem was derived from.

Amani music video is set on the scenic beaches of the Indian Ocean premiered on Stanley Komoras YouTube channel which you can watch here.

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