Media House Jobs Opportunities Unveiling On New BOSS Fm Radio! πŸ˜‹πŸ“»πŸ”Š

New opportunities have unveiled officially.

A new dawn for the main stream media house is here and believe it now youths have a reason to smile about.

The BORN STAR ROYALS after taking the lead in music industry during YouTube channel promotion for Views, Subscription, Watch Hours, Instagram and Tiktok Followers, it also announced a new dawn for the media industry.

BORN STAR ROYALS (BsR) has it’s major slogan “The Way To Celebrity” which makes it more believable and authentic to it’s clients worldwide.

The team has successfully worked with mainstream Artists and Upraising musician as well. Speaking with CEO, Chatuu-East Africa Music Promoter and Director said, “We have so far proven to the world our work in music industry and now it’s another we began in the Media Entrepreneurship. We also promote music across all digital distribution platforms for streaming and downloading and Skiza Tune. We are launching a new Online Media House called BOSS Fm Radio” .

He added that this platform will see a large number of talented and creative youths secure jobs in this new media house.

So, far BOSS Fm Radio has started Airplay all new music and some amazing interviews on running.

You can as well listen live via the link below;

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