Ziki Zito Band Drop Two New Hits.

Mombasa based music collective band Ziki Zito Have released two hits tittled ‘Baki na Mimi /stay with me and Wanakenya ( Kenyans ) all written and perfomed in the Swahili language
The two songs have added The bands impressive & growing music catalogue which so far has over 256 songs comprising of multiple genres.

The band which was founded in 2013 is led by their in house producer Shadrach Musa who Is also known as Supa Musa , the multi talented producer also doubles up as Music composer , Keyboardist and the groups vocalist.In 2017 Supa Musa launched the Ziki Studios and the band has been recording there since.

Ziki Zito Band’s latest Music projects Wanakenya follows the band as they perfom the reggea themed song explaining the importance of loving our country and preserving peace as our country has enjoyable politics but can be lost if they indulge in divisive politics, they furthermore remind Kenyan to remember the armed struggle that we under went to secure our freedom from the oppresive colonial powers.

Baki Na Mimi follows Supa Musa as performs the love song which praises a girls beauty and pleades her to stay as he is smitten by her attractiveness which is the envy of everyone who she comes across reminding her of the pain it would cost him if she ever left .

The songs have premeired on the Bands self tittled YouTube Music chanell which you can also watch here;

Stream WanaKenya By Ziki Zito here;

Stream Baki Na Mimi by Ziki Zito here ;

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