Mugithi Artist Kimley Mururi Wa Aberdares Addreses The Plight Of Single Mother’s In His Latest Song

Mugithi artist Kimley Mururi Wa Aberdares has released his recent mugithi song tittled Single Mother which is written and performed in his native Kikuyu dialect.
Kimley was born and raised in Engineer , Kinagop, Nyandarua county and its here that he fell in love with Kikuyu music drawing inspirations from legends such as songstress Wangare Wa Kabera ,Kariuki Kiarutara and Musaimo Wa Njeri among others .

It’s also at Kinagop that he acquired his stage name Mururi Wa Aberdares given to him by his childhood friends which translates to The torch of the Aberdares as he would sing out loud while grazing imagining that his voice would beam down to them on the plateau like a beam of light , his music mainly covers issues regarding to Relationships and Love & Marriage and Family.

Single Mother follows the Jkuat graduate of Chemistry and Automotive manager as he comes to the aide of children who are victims of love affairs turned sore leaving them to be solely raised by Thier single mothers, Kimley also reminds the parents to set aside thier differences for it’s always the children who bear the ultimate outcomes feeling dejected & lacking parental love .He reminds parents that they were also not left alone inthier childhood and there fore they should not let that fate fall on the children.

The song premiered on Kimley Mururi’s YouTube page and is available for streaming here.

Watch Kimley Mururi’s Single Mother here;

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