Chani Official Debuts A Heart Break Song

Bamburi based artist Chani Official has released his fifth and latest music track tittled Haujapona which is written and performed in the Swahili dialect and translates to ‘Not Fully Healed.

Chani whose real government issued names are Karisa Changawa was born and raised in Bamburi Mombasa County Studied at Bamburi Primary school where his love for music brewed for he would represent his school In music competitions , he later proceeded to Mombasa Secondary but would later drop out due to lack of fees and was overwhelmed with the financial burdens that he catered for which included not only fees but also his rent .

His hard background would see Chani switch from rap music and venture to singing but he would be discouraged after being chased away from a studio as they his music was deemed unworthy leading to Chani to opt for the street studios.Things would change when In 2018 he would visit a re known producer inthe coastal region called Amz and this where he began his official music journey consisting of five songs to date.

Chani latest song Haujapona is a dedication to a girl who is his former lover , the song follows Chani as he explains the pain he is reeling from due to the unexpected separation which he finds difficult to move on from , wishing his lover can come back and cure his heart from the pain brought by the love gone sour.

Haujapona premiered on Chani’s self tittled YouTube channel which is also available for streaming here;

Watch Haujapona By Chani Official here;

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