You Can’t Believe, Diamond Platnumz To Be Married Now! πŸ™†πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€£

One one very crazy comment by Diamond Platnumz’s manager has left the world in shock.

Babu Tale who is the Platnumz’s music manager, has opened up about his artist marriage life.

In his take, he wishes that Diamond Platnumz could overlook marriage and instead focus his energy in doing great music so that he (Tale) may get more money.

During the Tanzanian 2021 Cheka Tu Talent comedy search show finale, Babu Tale said that he prays that Diamond Platnumz does not get a woman to settle down with.

β€œPersonally I am not praying for him to get married I pray that he works hard so that I can also get money,” Tale said.

Also, Babu Tale made it clear that everything has its own time including marriage during Diamond Platnumz birthday party.

β€œI wish Diamond a long life on his birthday and may God strengthen him as he continues working. I can’t pray for him to get married, what I can pray for is that he continues working so that I can also continue receiving money,” said Babu Tale.

Furthermore he added that,

β€œThings like marriage have their own timing, when the time comes he will get married. But for now, let him continue working so that we can continue getting money and getting international recognition. Happy birthday Nassib.”

Diamond Platnumz currently has four kids from three women even though he is not married.

Simba is currently rumored that he is secretly dating a Rwandan identified as Babe Irie but the two have neither confirmed nor denied whether they are dating.

After his breakup with Ugandan and South Africa based Boss Lady, Zari Hassan, Simba vowed to marry his Kenyan baby mama, Tanasha Donna whom they have one kid together- Naseeb Jrn.

Simba in a past interview he admitted that he is the the cause of his relationship breakup with Zari Hassan whom they have two kids, Tiffah and Nillan.

β€œTo say the truth, God is my witness, it is clear she loved me more than I loved her. She’s someone I respect because she given me children and I was in love with her….I can’t say I didn’t love her because I would be lying. But her love was too much, When it came to me, there were stupid things I did,” Diamond Platnumz said.

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