Tanasha Donna Finally Lands To Ali Kiba After Dumping Diamond Platnumz! πŸ™ŠπŸ˜…

Did Tanasha Donna dump Diamond Platnumz to date Ali Kiba?

The Kenyan celebrity songstress has highly praised Ali Kiba, the musical nemesis of her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz .

This was during Ali Kiba’s new music album launch. She admitted turning down Diamond Platnumz video shoot offer.

During Ali Kiba’s Listening Party #OnlyOneKing Album launch on Friday October 8, Tanasha lauded Kiba’s dedication.

“He is very much dedicated to his music and super talented. We’ve grown up listening to him so I am relayed excited about his album coming out,” Tanasha said.

Tanasha Donna met Ali Kiba earlier before meeting Diamond Platnumz. This was during Ali Kiba’s Nagharamia’ video shoot whereby, Tanasha was the video Vixen. She said, she would work with the singer on a collaboration.
β€œWe now have the same music distributor, anything is possible,” she said.

While on the Listening Party stage, Tanasha congratulated him (Ali Kiba) for the album by saying:

β€œI am very excited to be here. I think it’s an amazing project and I can’t wait for Africa and the rest of the world to listen to the project. Congratulations.”

Turning down Diamond Platnumz;
Tanasha rejected her baby daddy’s offer which made headlines.

She refused to feature on ‘Naanzaje’ video as a vixen

When asked if the allegations were accurate, she admitted to turning down the father of her child Naseeb Junior but refused to delve into the matter further.

β€œYes I did (refuse). But I would rather not talk about that right now. Let us focus on Ali Kiba and his album,” she concluded.

This made Diamond Platnumz consider getting a different lady from abroad to be the ‘Naanzaje’ music video vixen.

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