“Tanasha Donna Disappointed Me” Diamond Platnumz Finally Speaks Out πŸ˜­πŸ˜œπŸ’”

Bongo fleva musician has shocked many of his social media followers after he claimed that when he focused on being in a relationship with Tanasha Donna or any other woman, it ended in a disappointment.

According to his experience, the Bongo Flava star advised his followers against focusing on relationships claiming that it will either end badly or in disappointment. He instead request them to focus on their work.

In accordance with Platnumz, when one focuses on their work, there will always be a positive outcome unlike when they focus on romantic relationships.

β€œFocus on your work, because the results will always be positive… but if you focus on the relationship the results will always be negative and disappointments… take it from Lion,” said Diamond

His statement comes weeks after it emerged that his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son Tanasha Donna disappointed him after he offered her a chance to be the ‘Naanzaje’ video Vixen which she indeed rejected the offer.

Hascana the current Diamond’s video director revealed Tanasha was Diamond’s priority to feature in the music video but he had to change his plan after the baby mama declined his request.

While appearing during #OnlyOneKing album listening party launch by Ali Kiba’s Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, Tanasha also confirmed that she indeed declined to feature in the song. She, however, refused to explain why she decided to disappoint her ex-boyfriend by declining to work with him.

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