Ronaldo Packs And Leaves Manchester United After Deadly 5-0 Defeat!πŸ˜­πŸ™Š

Could Manchester United loss their best player following yesterday’s derby defeat to Liverpool?

Following the match that went down yesterday on Sunday at Old Trafford Manchester united, The Red Devils couldn’t hide their faces after a stunning deadly defeat of 5-0 goals.

Keita, Mo Salah were the key players who nailed the Red Devil’s on their crucifixion cross before their esteemed fans including their former club manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Ronaldo couldn’t hide his anger which later turn to danger as he failed to perform as expected.

Cristiano Ronaldo was captured on camera turning into a beast as he kicked and smashed Liverpool’s play maker, Curtis Jones as he fell down as he was tackling the ball. Ronaldo mysteriously avoided Red Card.

Ronaldo was do furious and disappointed with the defeat and couldn’t not take, so he turn emotional than ever.

That led to other Manchester United players to change their mood of play and handled things differently.

Pogba came in the field at the second half, where he ended up red carded immediately after he tackled Keita with a bad intention to injure his ankle.

Manchester United was seen as den of ‘dead devils’ as the unexpected happened.

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