Mtoto Si Wa Brown Mauzo? Vera Sidika Says Baby’s Look-Alike

Vera Sidika is currently the new celebrity enjoying her current journey of being a mum. Vera Sidika revealed that she chose to be a full time mum since the first few years of a baby are very important. Vera Sidika revealed that even though she has a house help, she has never let her house help to take care of her baby. Vera revealed that she and her husband always take care of Baby Asia.

Baby Asia seems to be a very lucky child. Vera’s baby currently has more than fifty thousand followers on her Instagram page. However Vera has never posted any photos of her daughter online. Vera only revealed that her daughter looks so much like her dad physically.

However Vera has revealed that her daughter’s behaviors are 100% hers. Vera has revealed how her baby’s temper can just rise from a scale of one to 100 within seconds.

Mtoto wangu ananifanana, she is a model


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