Many Ladies In My Dm Wanting Babies: Kamene Goro Laughs At Mlamwah

Mulamwah is one of the best comedians around in town right now, and alot of girls are in his Dm wanting to have a baby with him.

In his instagram wall, He posted and i quote ” To many ladies in my DM wanting to have akid with me. Am not intrested, thanks.

Kamene Goro in studio and Jalang’o reacted too, when Jalang’o was reading the post with Goro, Kamene asked which girl can go to a DM ask for a baby with Mulamwah, maybe they could have gone to Jalang’o for a baby since he has cute babies too.

This beef between the two started a while a go when Mulamwah wanted to quit comedy.

Mulamwah yet hasn’t replied but we are waiting for him to speak out.

What do you think?

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