Otile brown shown DNA for Vera Sidika baby

Vera sidika Mung’asia, also known as Vera sidika, gave birth to princess Asia Brown, a baby girl.
Although the baby’s father is thought to be one of the browns, such as Brown Mauzo and Otile Brown, she is now dating Brown Mauzo.

As a result, we believe Mauzo is the baby’s father.

Kenyans have been questioning why she didn’t give birth to Otile Brown’s kid, which Otile said she aborted, but the socialite claims that Otile never gave her pregnancy and that he merely used the phrase “baby” to show off after they broke up.


And one of her admirers inquired as to why she exclusively dates brown men, to which another fan responded that we should know why she changed her body to a brown plastic one.

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