A video that went viral of a boy dancing near his busy parents

The video highlights the little lad’s talent as he performs a variety of dancing movements in their living room. The video’s star, Jeremy Maina alias Lil Maina, is an adolescent who has become famous for his hilarious pranks.

In the last several weeks, the film has been shared by a large number of social media users, particularly in light of current school turmoil. The footage was utilized in memes by many content providers to illustrate the situation of children at home after the Ministry of Education ordered all schools to close due to massive unrest.

The film was a kind of uncontrolled expression for Maina, who recently graduated from high school and uploaded it on social media. “I don’t enjoy viewing anything (videos) that I’m in because it’s strange to watch myself. I, on the other hand, enjoy making others happy “During a previous media interview, he added.
He attributed his skill to his maternal family and stated that he began uploading in 2018 but had no idea the videos would develop such a large following across the country and beyond.
“I only started blogging in 2018 and never imagined it would reach to this stage,” he said. “But sure, the ride has been wonderful, I can’t complain.”

Maina’s distinctive style of vines across the internet is accompanied by online criticism and pranks.

Maina’s social media profiles have a bunch of videos of him pulling pranks on his grandparents and goofing about. The majority of people applaud the little child for his brilliance and creativity, while some don’t think so, labeling them as foolish pranks that shouldn’t be played on his seniors.

“It’s nice to be told you made someone happy, but the problem is doing something without hurting someone else’s feelings. I take time away from social media to meditate because I am not productive when I am not in good mental health “He retorted.

Maina, who grew up in Mombasa, relocated to Nairobi to live with his grandparents, where he eventually gave birth to his child.

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