Producer Abbah Exposed In Millions Of Money Scam! πŸ‘»πŸ˜±

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The biggest scam of the year has been exposed.

You can’t imagine how a music producer has managed to con an artist a huge amount of cash without mercy.

A famed Tanzanian based music producer has been reported to be a scammer with clear evidence of his deals.

Producer Abbah is said to have a music production deal with an Australian based business lady who owns a world class music label by name Independent Tot Records.

Producer Abbah Process

The millionaire lady whose names are not disclosed, told MITEGO SASA blogs that Abbah scammed her huge some of money about Ksh 1 Million in a music project he was paid to record and produce an EP of her signed South Sudan artist, Maccobwoy.

“Since August 29th to around last week November have sending Abbah money to prepare the EP of my artist. He has been telling me send this amount of money for this, send this amount money to pay for this and so on. Later, I released he didn’t do anything or with the money” said the Independent Tot Records owner.

Together with S2Kizzy, Producer Abbah had been tasked to produce the EP but only S2Kizzy managed to record a one project for the artist,Maccobwoy.

Maccobwoy Artist Under International Tot Records

According to the lady, Abbah paid half of the money to S2Kizzy which he used to produce the one project of the anticipated EP.

The Australian business lady has the major label in Australia and another branch of her music label based in South Sudan where her artist Maccobwoy comes from.

Nevertheless, the producer (Abbah) had promised to even connect Maccobwoy in big December Holiday gigs to perform, music collaboration with superstars but later he went missing and never replying to her messages and calls.

“He never responds to my calls or texts anymore. I got angry with him since I never thought is a bad producer as it happened” she told Chatuu-East Africa Music Promoter.

She had also promised to gift the producer Abbah a new Range Rover come December.

The Australian business woman also revealed that she even used to send money to Abbah family, his mother and sister for up keep.

Abbah squandered her big sum of money in luxurious life since she could pay for his expenses as well as his lavish apartment.

He decided to take advantage of her since had a distant relationship,he married secretly without making her aware of it.

She also paid for the hospital bills in one of top rated hospitals for is wife to give birth.

Abbah decided to scam, con, blackmail and betray her.

Below is a few screenshots of the amount of money Producer Abbah received for the EP recording and the other money sent to his family, Mother and sister.

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