K*ma Isifanye Tukoseane Heshima, Willy Paul Gone Crazy About Miss P🀣

Following Miss P’s contentious departure, Wilson Ouma Opondo aka Willy Paul has signed a new female singer named Queen P.
The “Coco” singer turned to social media to congratulate the new signing while also making a jab at Miss P, who is currently collaborating with Eric Omondi.
Please join me in welcoming Queen P, a new female artist from @saldido international. We picked you because we believe you are qualified for the post. May God lead you on your trip.. be cautious who you associate with, especially these comedians.. they have a lot of jokes. Only @saldido international hits, karibu nyumbani. I’m excited for the rest of the world to hear what you’ve got.”

Miss P, a former Saldido International signee, announced her departure from the label earlier this year by accusing Willy Paul of sexual assault in an interview. Pozze, on the other hand, rebutted such assertions by filing an injunction preventing the interview’s dissemination or distribution.

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