Diamond Platinum finally speaks out about the Harmonize controversy, claiming that he is a witch.

Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize were once inseparable, churning out tunes that got their legions of fans across Africa and beyond chanting, but it now seems like a distant memory.

The two artists’ relationship has deteriorated, and Harmonize released information of his contract with old record company, WCB, and the reasons why he broke ties with them for the first time.

The video of his impromptu news conference at the Julius Nyerere Center is one of the most popular on social media.

The singer has spoken out about his ordeals at the hands of WCB management, including the forced payment of an extra Sh100 million and unwillingness to let him leave.

Diamond has been quiet and showing off it is true he has money as he said to harmonize and he proves that it is true he is rich. according to the wedding of istote, diamond said that he will always do well to everybody who wrongs to him and he gave millions of money.

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