Yola Of Citizen Tv Series Dies

Yola confronted her mother after returning from Milton’s house, saying that she had misled her by sending her to the witch so that everything would be OK with her, but the problem seemed to be becoming worse by the day. Her mother took her inside when she complained of stomach trouble.

After a few minutes, she began to hemorrhage and was brought to the hospital. Her condition deteriorated in the hospital, and she died. Milton arrived and informed her that Yola had died as a result of the poisoning.

He was informed that something had been discovered in her system that had interfered with her pregnancy. She died as a result of excessive bleeding.

When Mama Zora was told, she was horrified, but she seemed to understand what she had done to her.

She sobbed uncontrollably, claiming to be apologetic. She confronted Zora over not assisting her sister, but Zora isn’t even surprised that Yola is dead, and she instructed her mother to leave the complex.

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