How To Know If A Slayqueen Is After Eating ‘The Fare!’

This is the time for men to establish and curb the biggest scam scheme used by Slayqueens to eat and enjoy free money in make of fare.

Ladies have been asking for money in a style which has been commonly revealed as scam scheme.

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They have been asking for fare in order to meet up their boyfriends and they fail to show up.

Several men have been conned alot of money by the so called Slayqueens.

Today we will discuss some ways to help curb this fraud behaviours that are making men loose hope in their potential wives.

When she asks for money ‘fare’ in order to come over to your place and you’re not sure whether she is a scam or fake, do the following;

Uber– Tell her to connect to a Uber vehicle and you will immediately pay for the fare once she arrives.

Fuliza – Let her get funds from Fuliza services if she really doesn’t have cash and she means to come over to meet you. If she is fake , she will decline your opinion.

Borrow – She can get the fare from her friends and make it to your place and refund if she comes. A fake lady won’t accept that since she is only after your money.

Why other means can you use to catch a fake scamming Slayqueen?

What do you think?

Written by Antony Makenzi

Antony Makenzi is a content writer who has sharpened his skills and absorbed knowledge on Financial freedom, Wealth, Making Money Online and development of a mindset!


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