A Wedding Ceremony Turns Hell Tragic As Bus Downs With Church Members! πŸ™†πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜­πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

A wedding occasion turns tragic after Church Choir Members drowns in a flooded river.

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On Saturday December 4th a school bus ferrying Catholic Church Choir Members plunged into Enziu river in Kitui county. The bus was heading to Nuu from Mwingi town carrying church members to attend to their colleagues wedding ceremony.

It’s said that the bus was overpowered by heavy waves of moving water as it was crossing the bridge and it was tripped over with 50 people on board including children.

10 people have been rescued while at least other 17 people are feared dead.

The bus driver is said to be unfamiliar with the road since he couldn’t see clearly where the road was and also the bridge is said to had collapsed with heavy downpour and large floods.

β€œNever ever attempt to drive through a swollen river. Your inflated tires will cooperate with moving water by easily floating the vehicle for a painful disposal. Be warned.”

β€œNot everyone sees these posts…not everyone is on Facebook and those who see it, ,seems it falls to deaf ears and blind eyes..there’s this notion drivers have in Kenya.,.I know this road since I was a small boy…you will
drivers measuring the depth of water with sticks before crossing yet you don’t know the push the water could give you…Kenyan drivers tuko na ujuaji mingi..things like nimeendesha gari miaka mingi is costing us lives…abirira nao wanakufa wakisema tunakuaminia Dere.”

β€œThis is one of the main reasons Kenya needs public executions more than ever. The driver makes a stupid move while the passengers remain mum or encourage them on.”

β€œMbogo Waweru don’t blame the driver too much one of my friend a eye witness told me the daraja ndio imekatika bus ikiwa ndani ya maji.”

β€œIt’s so sad, halafu upate kulikuwa na wazee pale, and most of people cannot swim. Even if u r an expert, u can’t swim kwa floods 😒😒😒 A little patience could have saved the day.”

β€œThis is what happens when a driver makes poor risk assessments on the road. One of reasons for this is when you pay out money to receive DL without attending for classroom trainings in order to cut costs. I always believe there’s a difference between a driver who attended real classes and another one who did it practically through friends and subsequently paid some little cash only to receive driving licence. These 2 drivers can never make same judgements on the road.Let’s be careful on the roads, we all have one life to live.”

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