Bwana Mkunaji slept with Diana Bahati and claims a DNA results of Bahati’s first baby with his wife!πŸ’ƒ

Bwana Mkunaji A.K.A Willy Paul Msafi has dropped a diss track that aims at kelvin bahati’s family. In the diss track he also commented on Eric Omondi also in his 75% play Kenyan music.

Willy Paul said that he never likes talking about ‘madam amesosi but amekuwa mjinga,’ and that he meant a diss of Diana B, Bahati’s wife. in previous days Diana B dissed some artist in the industry saying that she came last and passed a lot of artist in the industry na anatambua only his husband.

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Diana B was answered by Willy that to give out the DNA results of her first baby and might be of a footballer, politician or Will Paul himself.

Kenyans have come out and saying that Willy Paul has done so wrong by dissing Bahati’s kids in the industry of music. he said that a man can do anything for fame meaning Bahati has exposed his wife to teem fisi.

He also talked about Teddy B that he only need food to give kupeana siri. What do you think about that song?

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