The Mwingi Wedding Ceremony Bridegroom Speaks Out What Killed His Family Members In Enziu River Horror! πŸ™†πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜­πŸ€‘πŸ‘ΊπŸ’”

The parents of the Mwingi bus tragedy finally have spoken about the incident that occurred at Enziu River.

The horror incident has been trending over days since it occurred. The school which ferried Catholic Church Members and other family members to a wedding function at Nuu Catholic Church drowned in a flooded Enziu River killing 39.

The School Bus That Downed In Enziu River Heading To Nuu Catholic Church For Wedding Ceremony

Among the 9 deceased where members of the bride’s family.
Two daughters Jane and Rachael and seven grandchildren .

According to David Mutua who was the bride to the white wedding ceremony, said that he had decided to host an official white church wedding since he married in a traditional wedding back in June(6), 6, 1966 with his wife Syombua.

The two couples were blessed with eight children, two boys and five girls.

“At those years we didn’t have a white wedding” his wife Syombua said.

David Mutua

Mzee Mutua kept narrating on how the incident interrupted their wedding though the priest presiding the wedding couldn’t tell anyone about the incident that had happened at Enziu River.

He just hurried the wedding while he was still conversing with his best man. After the wedding, they had already left.

β€œWe sensed something was amiss, but we were not told until the ceremony was over,” he said.

“The priest hurried the wedding and by the time it was over my best man had already left the church for the accident scene. At that time it had emerged that my relatives and some of the choir members had drowned,” Mutua added.

David Mutua couldn’t believe his eyes after reaching the scene where he found bodies of his daughters, grandchildren and other relatives floating on the flooded water. He had decided also to dip himself into the water since he felt hopeless and worthless since his family members had perished at once in an imaginable situation. He was held back by the police security which had already arrived at the scene.

“We forced our way to the riverbank despite concerted efforts by authorities and some of our relatives to keep us away from the accident scene. It was chaotic. On seeing the bodies displayed on the river bank, most of which were of my children and grandchildren, I felt that my life was meaningless and decided to toss myself into the raging waters. I was restrained,” he added.

According to 76 years old Mzee Mutua, he had directed the people in the bus to wait until the water subsides before they could decide to cross they river but it seemed they declined his directives since they were in hurried to make it in the wedding ceremony.

“We were in constant communication with the bridal party and members of the choir who were stranded at the river bank following the swelling of River Enziu. We advised them to wait until the raging waters of the river subsided before they crossed,” Mutua said.

He noted that he did not whatsoever regret holding the wedding.

“I do not regret planning and eventually holding the white wedding. It is something I decided to do because it meant a lot in my journey in faith,” he said.

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This wedding was an important milestone to Mutua and his wife in journey of Christianity faith.

 “I was among the first persons to be baptised at Nuu Catholic Mission many years ago. But Satan distracted me along the way. When I got sick the doctors said that I had taken a lot of snuff and advised that I should change my lifestyle,” he said.

“That is why I vowed to get back to Christianity in a big way. I enrolled for Catechism immediately. One of my daughters interested me in the White wedding which is a requirement in the Catholic faith and started planning for it,” he added.

Unfortunately, his daughter Jane Mutua is among the two daughters who perished on the day her parents solemnised their marriage vows.

Nevertheless, his wife Syombua identified eight of her relatives who died in the accident after forcing her way to the river bank.

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