In the middle of his ex-drama, wife’s KRG opens a $200 million club in Kilimani.

KRG, 3 December 2021 In the middle of his divorce from his ex-wife, the Don opened a $200 million club in Kilimani.

The artist alleges that he divorced his ex-wife, Linah Wanjiru, because she became bored and began rolling with chokoras.

KRG repossessed an automobile he had given to his ex-wife after learning she intended to sell it.

He stated the automobile was worth $6 million, and he decided to take action because she is his ex-wife and was planning to sell it.

After she requested the return of the Audi he had given her, the Don stated that his ex-wife had never possessed a car.

He goes on to say that he took their two children and was supporting them, and that he doesn’t understand why Linah is asking “spousal support,” which KRG says is impossible.


The singer goes on to say that his ex-attitude wife’s had changed and that she was no longer on the same page as him. He claims she enjoyed hanging out with scumbags and pals that offer no worth to her life.

“She enjoyed hanging out with hoodlums and individuals who didn’t bring anything to her life. “I can only compare people to chokoras,” he continued.

Despite building many businesses for his ex-wife, the rapper said that she lacked the ambition to operate a business.

“She has run enterprises in the past, but she is not a businesswoman.” Even if you start a business for her, it will fail due to her lack of ambition. “She assumed a comfort zone since she had no debts to pay,” he explained.

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