‘God’ Zlatan Ibrahimovic Gifts Pope Francis Some Magic He Uses In Pitch! πŸ’€πŸ‘ΏπŸ¦‡

AC Milan player a self proclaimed God meets Pope in Rome Italy and together shares gifts.

The self proclaimed God was honored to have an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

Pope Francis with Abracadabra Zlatan Ibrahimovic In Vatican

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (40) alias Abracadabra who is a Swedish superstar of AC Milan gave the Pope a football jersey and his new book Adrenalina. The Pope gladly accepted the gifts. β€œI’ll be happy to read it. Sport is a message of humanity and greatness,” he stated.

The AC Milan player Zlatan Ibrahimovic was warmly received by the Pope in the Vatican and had a short conversation with him. β€œI brought you something and I wanted to give it to you personally,” Ibrahimovic said. Then he took his book Adrenalina, which is about the first 40 years of his life. He put it in the hands of Pope Jorge Bergoglio and said: β€œThis is part of my story, it contains the description of my life and a little message”.

So glad, the Pope appreciated the gift and said he would enjoy reading it. In return, he gave Ibrahimovic the text;

β€œSport according to Pope Francis,” reminding him that β€œsport is a message of humanity and greatness”.

Zlatan then presented his gift to Pope which was , his AC Milan shirt with number 11 on it. β€œDo you like Milan? I’m conjuring a little magic on the pitch with these…” With a smile, Bergoglio thanked Zlatan for such a β€œpersonal” gift.

Zlatan then proudly took the encounter to his social media platforms.

Do you think Zlatan Uses Magic In His Jersey While In Pitch To Keep Performing Better?πŸ€“

What do you think?

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