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Superstars Who Tied The Knot This Year 2021 πŸ’πŸ‘°β€β™€οΈ

Moji Short Baba And Nyawira

Gospel singer and former Kelele Takatifu member got married to her sweetheart Nyawira Gachugi.

Pesh And Dan Magenda

Modest fashion Akorino model Peris Wanjiku aka Pesh got married to his long time boyfriend Dan Magenda.

Jaymo Yule Msee and Fortune

Content creator Wilson Muirani aka Jaymo Ule Msee married his longtime girlfriend Catherine Wakio Munene aka Fortune.

Ben Cyco And Wanjiru Njeru

Male fashion stylist and gospel singer Ben tied the knot with her perfect match, Wanjiru Njeru.

Anita Nderu And Barret Raftery

Media personality Anita Nderu also was taken off the market by her long time boyfriend, Raftery.

Muthoni Mukiri And Isaac

Former Inooro TV news anchor Muthoni married to his sweetheart, Isaac.

Esther Kazungu and Kibunjah

Popular influencer Esther Kazungu wedded his long time boyfriend Kibunjah in a simple wedding ceremony that only cost ksh 60,000/

Gloria Muliro and Evans Sabwami

Gospel singer Gloria tied the knot with Evans in New York days after holding another ceremony in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu county.

DJ Ruff

Gospel Dj Ruff and media personality got settled with his long time sweetheart.

Lenana Kariba and Helen

Actor Lenana Kariba married his sweetheart Helen on August 11,2021.

Rosa Ree and King Petrousse

Tanzanian Goddess and Hip Hop rapper Rosa Ree hoped off the market by his long time highschool sweetheart, King Petrousse.

Shiksha Arora And Salman Manji

Media personality and KBC news anchor Shiksha Arora wedded longtime fiance Salman Manji in an Indian wedding ceremony this year 2021.

June Ruto and Dr Ezenagu

Kenyan Deputy President Ruto’s daughter June Ruto, got married to his Nigerian University Professor Dr. Alexander Ezenagu in an invite only ceremony.

Congratulations To All Courtesy Of MITEGO SASA

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