Nadia Mukami’s Miscarriage Puts Jalang’o On Fire! 🔥

Singer Nadia Mukami, in a video that surfaced online on Thursday, disclosed that she previously suffered a miscarriage.

The video which was ‘To be deleted’, the emotional Nadia revealed that her and her lover Arrow Bwoy “have an angel in heaven.”

“We have been through a lot. We have our own reasons as to why we keep our things to ourselves. We have our angel in heaven,” she said.

The ‘Maombi’ hit maker publicly went on to address comedian and radio presenter Jalang’o for what she termed as poking his nose into her personal affairs without consent, after he claimed on live radio that Nadia is expectant.

“I don’t care how rude your follow up video was, what you did was low, demeaning and disrespectful. People might be gassing you up but that was outright wrong,” she posted

On her disappointment with Jalang’os betrayal, Nadia recounted how the couple visited Jalang’o at his home without disclosing his family private matters.

“You invited Arrow Bwoy and I to your home and to be honest, I never knew you had kids. Imagine if I took pictures with your children of whom you have never posted on social media, and I went ahead and shared? I wouldn’t do that because I respect your personal space,” she stated.

Nadia Mukami further touched on her boyfriend Arrow Bwoy’s reaction to Jalang’o, Mukami described her partner as a non-dramatic man who has never been involved in any scandals.

Arrow bwoy, Nadia Mukami and Presenter Jalang’o

“Arrow Bwoy is the least problematic person, that’s why I am with him. He has never had drama or scandals. If you see him responding to someone, it’s because they have touched a live wire,” she stated.

On Wednesday, Arrow Bwoy posted a vague message on his Instagram stories, which appeared to be directed at Jalang’o, in which he asked him to stop spreading rumours and mind his business.

“2022 wanaume tupunguze mshene bana, biashara haikuhusu achana nayo kabisa, shughulika na maisha yako,” Arrow Bwoy wrote.

Either way, Jalang’os earlier responded saying he will not issue an apology to the couple after he went on air to reveal that Nadia Mukami was pregnant.

Was Nadia Mukami really pregnant?😂💃

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