Congrats: KTN’s Timothy Otieno Soars to Great Heights at The UK Hillingdon Herald Newspaper

The youthful skilled and challenging KTN writer Timothy Otieno has by and by figured out how to show his extraordinary reporting ability even at the global stage after one of his pieces was distributed by one of the West London’s papers.

Otieno who made this disclosure through his authority twitter handle communicated his joy about crafted by his hands which is progressively getting seen at the worldwide level.

“I’m glad and respected to have my first news coverage piece in the UK distributed for WestLondon’s Hillingdon Herald paper,” said Otieno.

Timothy Otieno’s article that acquired him a spot at the Hillingdon Herald paper was an authentic article which featured the narrative of an attendant called Kate Marsden who traversed the landmass of Europe looking for solution for the infection sickness.
The most exceptional piece of the story is that regardless of Kate’s astounding accomplishment in the medication world she stayed uncelebrated yet truly great individual until two years prior when a gravestone was put at her grave in Uxbridge burial ground along Kingston path.

Otieno’s novel method of reporting has consistently procured him grants all through his vocation with Thompson Foundation Young Journalists grant being one of them. In September 2020 Timothy Otieno was named among world’s best 20 youthful writers to be granted by the UK’s Thompson Foundation.

It is said that Otieno’s inclusion of the situation of the road youngsters in Kenyan urban areas at the beginning of the crown pandemic might have been the justification behind his designation by Thompson Foundation back in 2020. He featured the issues looked by the road families in Kenya when President Uhuru Kenyatta announced time limit because of the Covid.
As a writer too I might want to compliment the youthful Timothy Otieno for the great work and for taking news coverage a bit higher. Congrats friend, you are a motivation to a significant number of us.

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