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3 Reasons Why Men Cheat In Relationship! 😲

Does your man cheat on you or have you had a cheating man?

Basically most men do go out of the relationship’s goals just because of these simple things.

1. Food– In our modern world many ladies aren’t capable of preparing delicious meals due to lack of basic cooking skills or their they are too busy at their work and home duties finding it hard to serve their husbands in time. A man will opt to eat in restaurant or a cafeteria.

2. Language and Courtesy- A wise saying goes that ‘Courtesy Costs Nothing’, yes it’s pure truth. The kind of language used by our today’s ladies speaks volume in a relationship, they luck communication skills and choice of words. Most ladies use vulgar language and very abusive language when addressing their men in public or even at home. This can also cost your relationship.

3. Bed – Relationships are made strong by good intimacy in bed. Make your spouse enjoy good s*x and see how they can be so proud of you as well as keep in touch with you.

Kindly observe the above recommendation for health relation.

What do you think?

Written by Antony Mckenzy

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