All The African Countries That Have Held A Mass Protest Today (Historic Day)


Raila noted six reasons why he asked his royal supporters to take to the streets to demonstrate; including President Ruto William Ruto’s refusal to allow the audit of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Of Commission (IEBC) servers and to lower the high cost of living.

Other reasons responsible for mass protest are nepotism in the current administration, lack of consultations in the reconstitution of IEBC, broken promises and an illegitimate government.

Police have today arrested several opposition supporters who took to the streets of the capital Nairobi and other cities across the country to demonstrate against the government.

South Africa

South Africa opposition leader Julius Malema of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) also asked his supporters to take to the streets today.

Malema called for a national shutdown accusing the President Cyril Ramaphosa-led administration of a growing list of challenges plaguing the country.


Africa’s most populous nation has been hit by a series of protests since following February 25, 2023, Presidential and National Assembly elections that saw the All-Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Tinubu declared winner in the tightly contested poll.

Tinubu’s closest rival and Nigeria’s opposition leader Atiku Abubakar, who came second, has led street protests with his supporters in tow-disputing the election results.


Anti-government demonstrations also happened in Tunisia on March 20 as the nation observes its Independence Day holiday. The day commemorates Tunisia’s independence from France in 1956 and is often an occasion for major rallies and anti-government protests.

Thousands of people have participated in demonstrations organized by the Free Destourian Party in Tunis in opposition to President Kais Saied’s policies and constitutional amendments in recent weeks.

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