Amongst These Kind Of People, Which Are You?

It’s true that in the real world we live in there are four types of people.

They basically including;

  1. No Job

These are the type of people who don’t work and don’t earn a living.

They will always have full time to to enjoy doing complete nothing to make a living from. Such likes to watch TVs and Movies, Sleeping. They only make lots of excuses.

Also they never traveled. It’s because money is barrier hence can’t afford to explore the world with empty pockets.

They simply lack money all the time. If you don’t have a particular job to work on it means you will earn nothing then your life will be as hard as rock.

  1. The 9- 5 JOB.

In this category of people, you will see some a bit change.

They are working class people who wake up early every morning to report to a job in a company or an organization.

They basic lack time to travel and do such things like enjoying new movies and series, sleep among other kind of lazy activities.

They never traveled to world to explore it since are much committed in the work schedule and ever busy through out the weeks.

What they really have advantage of is the money they get as salary. They have money to buy anything they may desire.

  1. Self Employed.

In this particular category not many people are in it. This is because it bars people from living a life of leisure and entertainment.

A self employed person is always busy doing activities to make his own future bright. Hence, such people lack time to travel to watch TVs and watch entertainment.

They really get time to see the world outside their environment, hence they are can travel frequently as they wish to as their work allows them.

Self employed people always have money since they basically do business. Either having a product or service to the people hence get profit in daily or weekly or monthly basis.

  1. Business Owner.

If you’ve ever seen a businessman you probably know how they tend to live like.

Such people are free and can do anything at anytime they want.

This is brought by an aspect call Financial Freedom.

Business people have countless income streams. So, they make more money either active or passive income.

Hence, getting plenty of time to watch TVs, Entertainment, Hang Out among others.

They travel alot in different parts of the world basically to find new ideas for their businesses or for refreshment.

They are rich people and it means money is not a problem.

They can buy new houses, dream cars, expensive toys and do other more investments.

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