5 Basic Tips To Keep You Warm During This Cold Weather In Nairobi!πŸ˜‚

Hey, good afternoon ladies and the other gender that betrayed Jesus!

Hope you feeling the coldness if residing mostly in Nairobi Kenya where coldness is based.

Today, we focus on some tips that will make you feel warm during this cold season.

The following are some of recommendations that you should put in place to stay in a warm environment.

  1. Wear Sweaters- At this particular ‘demanding’ climate, you should always mind to have a sweater with you whether in-doors or outdoors. The heavy cloth will help you gain enough warmth and prevent body heat loss to the surrounding.
  2. Have a charcoal Jiko- A burning Jiko will enough and sustain adequate warmth inside your house and will make you avoid shivering.
  3. Switch On AC machine- If you have a the AC Power machine then you have to make a point of turning it on and it will regulate hot air inside your house and make you and your family feel warmth.
  4. Exercise Regularly – Have a daily schedule of your body exercise. Scratch your body muscles enough to make them expand and the maximum and burn calories. The generated heat help your body feel warm enough.
  5. Have a Fuck Mate – If the coldness is too much, please seek for assistance from your love partner or any of your fuck mates. Hit the ‘shit’ daily and spoil the coldness feeling in your body when alone.

How do you plan to keep your body warm during this cold weather?🀣

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