6 Things To Never Do In A Rush!

Your first step of encountering failure is your habit of rush.

If you opt to rush into things without a clear picture in mind what will result in, are likely to fail.

As the old saying goes by, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Here some of six things to never do in rush.


People tend to hurry into love relationship just they wanted to feel loved or seen in relationships. This is really dangerous if you don’t fall your instincts and without clear questioning oneself whether it’s right time to fall in love.

Some guys will get into love just after ‘something’ and once gotten they escape or avoid the other partner.

Don’t fall in love just so quickly, instead figure it out and understand your true feelings about it.


Making decisions in life has also got many people rushing without creating time to consult.

You make a decision today and tomorrow it wounds you. Making a big life decisions may look as normal as any other decision making, but very true fact is that it may result into a big panic and cause depression.

Be very keen and punctual while making big life decisions.


Trust is just earned not bought.

If you are dealing with people who want to see you fail, it’s time to start knowing how to work it out.

Giving so much trust to people who me don’t necessarily need your trust, as a result they will never acknowledge your trust or even trust you back, instead not trust anyone!


This also a big trap that everyone else is so rushing doing it .

Food is a one things that you can fall short at because someone might use it to trap you into problems.

Always before you eat your food anywhere, get time figure out whether it may have been poisoned.

Take time to say a word of prayer to God for that blessing.


People are too much in charging someone’s characters and they never understand the cause of their character.

Charging someone will not help them change their character unless you get to understand what makes them have such character.

That might be brought due to depression or family background, relationship, job stress, pressure from family members among others.

Instead figure it out the cause and try to help them out.


Nobody can know anyone else fully. People never reveal whom truly they are and by that you might be mistaken to thinking you know much about people.

It’s true fact that you will know what the other person allows you to know.

Some people only allow you to know 5% of whom they are and 95% is never reveled.

So, where do you find yourself rushing into among the listed habits?

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