9 Tips To Live Cheap!

Living has been a big trap for many people who end up in a pathetic fall.

People dream and aspire of living wonderful lives but their economic status never allows their wishes to come true.

But have you ever thought that you can become a legendary by simply living below your means?

Here are nine steps on how to live cheap but make a huge difference in life.

  1. Prepare a budget and stick to it.

 Some times life becomes very easy when you plan your spendings and you increase your Income streams.

People will always be poor no matter how rich they are as long as their don’t plan their budget well. Plan it and follow it through out with no excuse!

  1. Prepare your Meals at home.

Most people prefer eating at restaurants or buying fast foods to cooking at home.

This habit drains your resources and your money simply because you spend more than you can save or invest in business.

Cooking food at home is cheaper than buying ready food.

  1. Refinance your Mortgage.

If possibly you have a home or house you live in then you need to either buy it completely or be able to pay it’s rent in advance.

But a wiser person will consider buying it to avoid excessive amount of money on paying rent monthly hence save alot of money.

  1. Rent out your extra space on Airbnb.

If you got an extra room that can used for business purposes, then you can make more income by lending the room to anyone interested to use it.

AirRnb is a real estate company that buys and rents rooms to clients who may need it for their business and hence make money to pay you if you lend them.

  1. Cut unnecessary subscription.

People are misusing their small resources by not being so careful on their spending.

You will find yourself having so many subscriptions of services you even don’t use them and all consuming your money.

Such money can be utilized well to start a business that grows to multi million dollar.

Subscriptions like Games, News, Notifications of many kind should be cancelled.

  1. Make your own gifts.

Don’t even think or expect to get or buy gifts for yourself from someone else. They will charge you for the gifts.

Instead learn how to make your gifts and that will reduce or cut off the cost you could have incurred during purchasing it.

  1. Always buy used products.

It’s always wise to go for used products since are very cheap to afford that buying new expensive branded things.

Branded things won’t add any value to yourself but it can make you spend more than you budgeted since brands are expensive.

  1. Buy local or generic products .

Now, learn to purchase the less expensive goods than expensive one.

Local made products tends to be very cheaper than the same on a brand.

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