She Slept With 919 Men In Just 12 Hours

Some of the people in this world have entered into the world book of records for breaking different world records that seem impossible.

Some of the world records sound ruther funny or strange, one of the strange record that has ever been broken is held by a woman who slept with 919 men in just 12 hours.

The name of the woman who holds the record of sleeping with 919 in 12 hours goes by the name Lisa Sparks, who his a grown up actress from US.

Lisa Sparks broke the record of sleeping with 919 men in 12 hours on October 2004.

This is a record that cannot be easily broken. Lisa broke broke the record of the third annual world gang championship, where she was competing with two women.

In this competition men were only allowed to be with Lisa for only 45 seconds. Being a grown up actress didn’t stop her from going into marriage, Lisa has been married since 1995.

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