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Azimio action on finance bill

Azimio principals Raila Odinga , Martha karua and kalonzo musyoka have released their resolution after members of Parliament endorsed the finance bill yesterday.

Among the amendments passed by the Parliament includes the 16% tax on petroleum products and 1.5 % housing levy . The 8% additional tax on the petroleum products will foresee an increase in fare and an increase in the prices of common commodities as well.

The controversial housing levy has been imposed to kenyans with very few knowing how it will benefit them.It was reduced by half from the initial proposal of 3%.

The coalition informed the public that there will ne a national forum on the 27th June at kamukunji grounds in Nairobi to discuss the implications of the numerous taxes that have been imposed by the kenya kwanza government.

In a statement read by Narc kenya leader Martha Karua , she stated that the reigning regime decided to ignore the majority of kenyans wishes and forcefully imposed taxes on them.

She further stated that this reflected the dictatorship in the Kenya kwanza government.She said baba Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka will be present in the forum.

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