Baha Speaks About Georgina’s Leaked Nudes

Machachari actor Kamau Tyler Mbaya and his girlfriend Georgina Njenga are going through the hardest period right now judging from the fact that they are young parents.

Apparently, there has been a viral clip going online of Georgina Njenga in full ‘birthday suit’ and apparently people have been speaking so I’ll since they didn’t expect someone of her caliber to have such type of videos.

Apparently, according to reports, the clip was leaked by an unknown social media user who wanted Georgina Njenga as her girlfriend.

When Georgina denied him a chance, he went ahead blackmailing her claiming that he’ll leak the clip if at all she does not give him a chance.

The video was leaked and Georgina Njenga has been on the lowest point of her life since that’s simply destroying her reputation to the fans who love her and the brands that have hired her for work.

Despite the mockery, the first person to stand with her was her boyfriend Tyler Mbaya.

Tyler used his Instagram page to express his love for her claiming that no matter what people will do or say, she still remains to be her best girlfriend and mother to their daughter forever.

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