Ever heard about Jack Ma the Chinese business magnet who is much successful in life?

Jack Ma is the co-founder among other group members who started the Ali Baba Group.

He is such a principled man with best advices about success since he has achieved alot since his early age in life.

Being a Chinese, he had to work for nine years as a tour guide in one of big Cities in China to lead tourists from different parts of the world around the city and basic he didn’t even know how to speak English at all since there were English books found in China.

But Jack Ma did it quit successfully without straining or training.

Anyway, Jack Ma is a now a different person who has faced challenges and learned from mistakes to becoming whom he is today, a Billionaire!

Here is an advice by him that can help you develop yourself accordingly as far as your age is concerned.

He believe that between the age of 20 to 60 years any person can become successful in life as well.

This how the logic works;

At 20 Years:

At this age in life one should be a very good student both in school and in life.

Learning and Studying has different meaning and one should not confuse Schooling and Education.

Through learning you tend to make mistakes and also encounters failure that makes you find out better approach or solution of the challenges.

Studying is basic being attentive to whoever is teaching a particular lesson and it doesn’t necessarily mean learning since you may not encounter any challenge or failure hence little of knowledge acquired.

This age one gets devolved in deliberate learning through experience of things and acquiring know how.

He advice to learn from successful people as well as from anyone how has failed in life.

Between 20- 30 Years:

Many of life failures start at this age. People stop learning since they have just graduated or finished schooling.

Jack Ma advises that you need to choose and follow a good Boss or an small company.

He or she will make you see how success is achieved through observing their real life struggling and daily routines.

Be open to them and ask questions on how they achieve their goals in life and you will have a wide knowledge on how things work.

Between 30 to 40 Years:

After getting tips from deliberate learning and observation from your boss, it’s time to work for yourself too.

You are now required to start your own projects and achieve goals you set.

This is the right age to begin your brand or a company and struggle to making it successful as well.

Plan and work hard to attain daily goals that will eventually lead to attaining the long term goals of success.

Between 40 to 50 Years:

As time goes on you will have your brand grown and ready to push it more .

Now, you must focus on something your good at.

Passion is key here to make you choice what you are good at and build it up. Follow your inner guts. For example you might be good in Drawing, Singing, Designing, Coding among others.

With your passion you start building the skills of that particular activity you love doing the most.

Between 50 to 60 Years:

Here your advised to work for or invest in young people.

Since your already growing old and you energy is getting drained, you are required to find young energetic people to work with.

Do you don’t necessarily need to strain yourself too much in building your already started company or project. Get to work or invest in young people hell grow your business.

Share the profits with them to enable them to feel appreciated and worthy working with you.

At 60 Years:

Jack Ma advises that at this aged one should consider retirement.

You are required to spend some time for yourself enjoying with your family what already you achieve in life and leave the business or project under management of young more energetic people.

So, do you think this Advice is good to work for you?

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