“Congratulations Akothee For Your 6th Marriage, Wish You 100 More Happy Marriages” Okere Black!

One of Kenya fast raising RnB bongo music artist has come out with a pitchy word for Akothee.

Okere Black whose new song ‘Niroge’ is on trending on YouTube, has congratulated the Madam Boss aka Akothee for wedding and tying the knot with Denis Omosh.

He said that Akothee has done a remarkable thing in history and ladies can have a lesson to learn from her love life. Okere Black comment saying that Akothee is misleading the ladies and young ladies since the word of God doesn’t advocate for numerous marriages in one’s life. Only One man, one woman but for Akothee it’s like a polygamous marriage.

Denis Omosh kissing Akothee on their royal wedding day!

Okere’s words are basically from the fact that the Madam boss has had over 6 different marriages since she began her life in marriage. She has a family with beautiful daughters too.

Here is Okere’s comment about AKOTHEE wedding!

Watch Okere’s New Song – NIROGE now here!

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Written by Antony Mckenzy

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