The labour CS Florence Bore has agreed to being the unnamed female cabinet secretary who has been trending on social media over the Karen house saga.She agreed amidst the heated social media speculations.

Bore on her part said that she did not acquire the property unlawfully. She said she got into a contract with a company associated with Gatanga Member of Parliament; Edward Muriu who is the owner of the house to purchase the property at an agreed price.

She said she signed the agreement on her part and passed the agreement to Edward’s Lawyer for the signing. A company named Muriu Mungai & that was acting on Edward’s behalf agreed to receiving the agreement and stamped on the agreement.She then sought a 10% deposit and paid to Edward’s Lawyer account through Real Time Gross settlement the rest of which would be paid within 90 days according to the agreement.

It was a shock to her that Edward came to displace her children who had already occupied the house when she was out of the country. She claimed it was a cowardice action. She claimed that the vendor would have consulted her instead. She claimed the vendor may have found a better deal.This prompted the heavy police officers to parade outside the poshy house.

On her part , Mary Muriu, the spouse to Edward claimed that the CS offered ksh 90 million to buy the house but the dual declined the offer saying that the house was valued at ksh 120 million. Moreover, she claimed the CS occupied the house two weeks ago when they were in the United States for their daughter’s graduation.

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